9+ Type of Screw Heads To Give Solutions and Insights

Type of Screw Heads – This is important, since the wrong screwdriver can damage the screw. If you strip the head, you’ll have to get it out without damaging it or drill it out. To save yourself from the frustration of searching for information on each of the screw head types, take a look at this primer. I’ve listed some common terms you may not have been familiar with so far.

Flat Inside Type of Screw Heads

type of screw heads

Flat screw heads are countersunk, meaning that they sit slightly below the surface. This prevents the head from being exposed. This helps to keep furniture free of pieces that stick out to catch on things, and the finish is more consistent. This way it’s easier for surfaces like armrests or cushions to be handled without doing any damage.

Flathead screws come in all sorts of angles, ranging from 82 degrees to 110 degrees. The most popular is 82 degrees and most commonly used; but if you want something more specific or one of the other types, there are plenty available. The more of a degree you need, the more spread out and shorter the countersink hole needs to be.

Flathead screws are also called slotted head orPhillips screws, more often used with Philips screwdrivers. They’re popular and affordable, but these screws also strip the most out of all others—designs like this make them prone to it.

Do Raised Is Type of Caterpillars?

raised screw heads

You might not be aware of it, but hex screws have a shape that is slightly different from the typical flat screw head and type of screw heads. Their dome-shaped heads protrude from the surface by a few millimeters, meaning they are harder to remove with a regular wrench. Depending on what angle and finish you want, countersinking these screws may be a good idea too. With their domed heads, these screws are more decorative than functional, but they still do their job of holding things together well!

Bugle Screw Heads

bugle screw head shape

Dome-head screws are mainly designed for drywall, plasterboard, and drywall alternatives. The threading of the screw is also very similar to that of a flat head screw. The design of these bolts is unique. While the head of the bolt projects over the surface, there’s also a small curved shape below it. This is because they are meant to break less easily (they distribute their stress along a wider surface). The best thing about bugle screw head types is that they’re self-drilling, which means you don’t need to drill any pilot holes before using these

Binding Include Type of Caterpillars

binding screw head

Screws come in many shapes and type of screw heads, but one of the more engaging is the binding screw. This type is non-countersunk, which means that they do not come with an angle and are visible on the surface of any project you use them on. You therefore won’t need to create a countersink divot for these screws.

Male and female threaded screws can be used for many different projects, with a slightly domed head. The screws bite together and both the male and female ends come together to complete an anchor. Different kinds of screws are often used in bookbinding, but are also suitable for sewing together leathers, cloths, fabrics, and so on.

Domed Is Type of Caterpillars

dome screw heads can be used decoratively like studs

Domed screw heads are similar to ants in the way that they are everywhere. They are the most popular screw head type on the market, making them perfect for any project that doesn’t require a flat head. You can use these screws in different ways, such as on an ottoman or sofa for a more decorative look. These screws also come in a variety of finishes and sizes to give you the style and type of texture that will be perfect for your home. The inner dome prevents the screw head from sinking into the floor, while the top part of it provides a nice design.

Flange Screw Heads

flange screw heads distribute the pressure

Correct, this type of screw is also known as a frame together head. It has a concave together that extends underneath the head, which helps it to stay in place. This generates an effect similar to when you were using a washer in some situations.

Truss Screw Heads

truss screw head types are rounded and bulbous

Truss screws have a slightly rounded head and are generally wider than other screws. This is because they’re designed for that particular type of usage so it works really well. TRUSS HEAD SCREWS are often used when fabrication like sheet metal or an installation that requires large holes (since the screw’s head is wide enough that it won’t go through the hole entirely)

Phillips Screw Heads

phillips head screw head types

Another very common screw head type is the Phillips screw. This star-shaped design helps screws automatically center and prevents them from turning during installation. If you need to use a drill, this means that the base sets should not be a problem.

However, be careful not to use too much force in case it strips the thread quickly. The amount of force depends on the metal in the screw, but try not to overdo it with any tool

Pozidriv Screw Heads

pozidriv screw head shapes are like those of phillips

Pozidriv screw heads resemble Phillips screw heads in shape. However, they achieve their star-shaped appearance thanks to the extra groves that they have.

Screws with Phillips heads are often made of softer metal and tend to strip under pressure, which is why we use Pozidrive screws. That’s not all, though: using a Pozidrive screwdriver will give you a guaranteed grip on the head and help prevent any stripping, they can be frustrating to unscrew because they’re designed to prevent you from using the wrong screwdriver, but this is actually a good thing.

The screw head can help in differentiating Phillips and Pozidrive screws. The former will have ridges on the side of each arm, marked with a “P”.

Combination Screw Heads

combination screw head is both slotted for a flat head screwdriver bit and a phillips

Some screw heads combine the benefits of other types; combination screw heads are one such example. Their popularity and versatility make them among the most sought-after screw heads available.

Combination screw types usually have at least two or more compatible head shapes, but check to make sure the screw head is countersunk. A special tool called a driver is usually needed to use these screws.

A screw head that requires countersinking is angled under the head while one that doesn’t need it will be flat on the bottom of the head.

Hex Screw Heads

hex screw head

Hex screw heads are of two types—external and internal. External screw heads are hexagonal and protrude from the surface, while internal ones are sunken in, can have flanges or not, but always have 6 points. Installing or removing these heads requires a socket or a wrench. A lot of torque can be attained with these screws since the full head is turned instead of just an internal part. You won’t worry about stripping them either.

Hex screws are primarily used in furniture construction and assembly. This is because they’re tougher to have damage done to them from an Allen key, unlike slotted or Phillips screws which might bend or snap. In the long run, your furniture will hold together better with hex screws. Internal hex screw heads usually come with an Allen wrench fitting

Quadrex Screw Heads

quadrex types of screw heads

They combine Phillips and square recesses to create a strong grip. Therefore, quadrex screw heads also look very similar to the Phillips squares, excepting the fact that cross shape in the middle is square instead of pointed. This prevents them from stripping under excessive force.

Star Screw Heads

star screw head

Star screw heads, as the name suggests, are designed with star-shaped heads. These screws span across a range of sizes and designs, all with their varying head shapes. For example, square recesses have these doubled square sections in the center, so you can use them to drive with a Robertson bit.

Once you get the hang of it, the Robertsons also go up to three squares, which means you can easily create a 12-point star. These screws are common in car interiors and help prevent stripping them while they’re under extreme pressure.

Square Recess Screw Heads

robertson square recess screw head

These screw heads also go by the name of Robertson, and they feature a square central point to prevent cam outs. The square taper design of these screwdriver bits creates a self-holding effect, so that you don’t have to hold it as you’re turning the screws.

Tri-Wing Screw Head Shapes

tri-wing is among the most different screw heads

The famous trademark of the Tri-Wing company is the three-pronged screwdriver head, sometimes called a Y-type. The actual design for this head is not Y-shaped but ‘upturned triangle’ or ‘triple pronged.’

These are one of several different types of tamper-proof security screw head shapes that are uncommon enough that it’ll be rare for someone to have easy access to the bit needed to mess with your stuff. The Y shape in these is actually a bit more rotational, fitting into a corresponding keyhole at a 135

Slotted Screw Heads

a slotted screw head is very common

Yes, we included this in the top 10 because it’s one of our favorite types. It has a straight line slot for a screwdriver bit to get in and it will hold flat head screws really well. They are less likely to strip because the increased surface (zone) and torque (just-just power) makes it easier for bit to not be sitting flush at bottom of slot. Some of these will feature a Phillips head in the center of the sockets so you can use either of these two common bits. These mixtures are called combination heads

Torx & Torx Plus Screw Head Types

torx screw head

Torx screws can be hard to distinguish from hexagonal heads, but they’re shaped more like an asterisk and the space in between the points is curved. I’ve found that this helps me press the bit into whatever I’m cutting

Torx screws and bits are great for this reason. A lower risk of damage and more torque is exactly what you want if you’re working without a bit. These usually come at a good price and many buyers swear by the brand’s durability & longevity.

Sentinel Screw Heads

sentinel screw head are among the most unique types of screw heads

SENTINEL TOOLS are one of the most recognizable security screws thanks to their ninja-star shape. The 4 points along the edge allow drivers to have more leverage when tightening, giving you a more secure fastening.

This bit of distance away from the center lets you exert more force with less effort. Not only does that mean you save time and energy, but also it makes it easier to manage tasks like manually screwing or using a power driver. To put it plainly, you get more torque with these. Other than professionals who carry bits of all sizes around, rarely will anyone need anything

Pin Screw Heads

pin screw head types are good for security

Pin screws are the ultimate in security because they work with any of the screw head shapes. The difference is that there’s a pin in the center to stop bits from being seated into the screw head.

So no matter what, you need a special bit of whatever kind that can fit the pin before you can even think about using the screw. This is a very clever solution for security and tampering problems

Two Hole Screw Heads (& Other Shapes)

two hole screw head shapes

Two-head screws (H types), triangle shaped screws (mostly H types), and pan head screws are much less prevalent than the security-based options mentioned above. Just take a look at the picture, and you’ll understand how uncommon they are.

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